ARC Guidelines Draft

ARC Guidelines

As described in various communications this year, the POA has been working to add clarity and definition to the architectural guidelines. This effort began over a year ago with the Ad Hoc Committee on ARC. That Committee made recommendations to the Executive Committee which were approved, including a mandate to expand and clarify the architectural guidelines. After much effort, the ARC and others prepared a new guidelines document and recently presented it to the Executive Committee, which approved dissemination of the document for comment.    Click here for Guidelines Draft (PDF).  The deadline for comments is December 15th.

This new version articulates much of what is in the deed restrictions and what has been used by the ARC to review plans for many years. It is consistent in most ways with other historic neighborhoods in Houston. The new, more detailed Guidelines will be recorded in the deed records after finalization.

If you have comments or questions please contact ARC chair Paul Sanders,

This effort has involved a great deal of work and will strengthen Old Braeswood as we strive to improve the plan review process.

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