Sewer Slip Lining Project

This past week, the city began a project to “slip-line” the sanitary sewers in parts of Old Braeswood that have been having chronic problems. The map below shows the project parameters for the city’s sewer slip lining work being conducted in February and March. Highlighted sections on the map show the area that has already been rehabbed and where services are currently being connected. Also in the map document (PDF file here) are lists of line sections. Sections 043 to 039 are planned for early next week depending on the weather.  Affected areas are on Morningside, Underwood, Blue Bonnet, Glen Haven, Maroneal and Bellefontaine.

Workers will need access to back yards to tie in new sewer connections. City Inspector Omar Avila expects the work will be completed within 2 months. The work involves lining the concrete line with PVC pipe and making new connections to each household. Workers bore underground to install the new line, but in some areas where the old sewer is completely collapsed, they may need to do more extensive digging behind homes.

Homes in the affected areas will be receiving city door hangers with contact information for the project manager and inspector. If you have questions, please contact Omar Avila at 832-295-2162 or

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