Patrol Participation Update

Report on Patrol Subscriptions & Hours of Coverage

This month’s patrol report is very similar to last month’s – very little unusual activity in Old Braeswood. SEAL has informed us that city-wide they have seen increases in domestic abuse calls, burglary of a vehicle, vandalism, and small thefts, but, in SEAL’s words, “Thankfully your neighborhood is more on the calm side.” Our patrol revenues are up to $73,188, which will allow us to continue 60-hour-per-week patrols through the end of October. Many thanks to the members and associates who have contributed to our patrol fund. As soon as we exceed our budget target of $90,800, we can start to consider increased patrol hours.

Many, many thanks to every household that has paid their 2020 patrol subscription, and especially to those who have made an additional contribution! If you have not yet mailed your patrol subscription, and you are in a position to do so, please participate right now by visiting us at join/. To check the status of your subscription, Click Here.

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