Patrol Update: Sept. 2020

Greetings! As you may have noted, Old Braeswood experienced a slight uptick in minor security problems during the month of August. Our Patrol, staffed by SEAL, reports a total of 26 contacts, which is slightly above average, and more than June and July. Of those, 7 were vacation watches, 7 were suspicious persons, 3 were thefts, 2 were alarms, 2 were suspicious vehicles, and 1 each was for information, emergency assistance, suspicious activity, and burglary of a habitation.

Our primary patrol officer, Star Vaugne, has proactively moved packages out of sight at front doors, intervened with suspicious persons, and checked on properties with open gates and garage doors. She, and we, strongly encourage everyone to call SEAL at 713-422-2770 for assistance and to maintain careful practices for home security. We are, in fact, in the middle of the city, and experience all the pros and cons of urban dwelling.

Looking over the SEAL incident summary for the year to date, it is interesting to note that the most frequent SEAL contacts are for general assistance and vacation watches, with calls about suspicious persons coming next. All three of these categories average 4-5 calls per month. Of all the other types of contacts reported by SEAL, the averages are 0, 1, or 2 calls per month.

Our voluntary patrol subscriptions at $82,000 are still below our budgeted goal for the year of $90,800. More importantly, only 60% of our members have contributed to the patrol fund year-to-date. With just 17 more members, we’ll hit the budgeted income. The executive committee will soon face the decision to cut back patrol hours (currently 60 hours/week) or supplement patrol funds with membership dues. Given the uptick in incident reports, and given the ongoing challenges of COVID and related changes in the economy, this seems to be a time when the patrol can make a real difference for us. Please, if you have not done so already, help us cover patrol costs through the end of the year! Click here to contribute to the patrol service.

Unsure if you’ve already contributed for the year? Click here for a list of 2020 subscribers.

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