Feral Cat Squad Update

Many thanks to the neighborhood volunteers who have been working since last summer to bring the feral cat colonies in Old Braeswood under control. Since July, the self-styled “Cat Squad” has trapped, fixed, and released 26 adult cats; and has trapped and adopted out 9 kittens and 2 other, more tame adult cats. They’ve also inadvertently trapped (and released to the same location) about 10 possums.

The Squad makes a point of coordinating their efforts with neighbors on whose properties the cats spend time. They take most of the trapped cats to All Cats Veterinary Clinic on Stella Link for spaying/neutering and health interventions.

If you would like to support this effort, you can do so in one of the following ways:

1) Financial Support:
a.  To make a credit card donation, contact All Cats Veterinary Clinic after 3:30pm during the week at 713-664-2287 and ask for Jean, and mention that you are calling to make a donation to a “trapper pay” account.  The name on the account is “Shari Esquenazi.”
b.  Send a check to “All Cats Veterinarian”,  9119 B,  Stella Link Rd., Houston, TX  77025.   Include “Shari Esquenazi/Old Braeswood” on the memo line.  **After making a contribution, please send a quick note to esquenazishari@gmail.com for tracking purposes.

Kitten season is coming up soon. The Squad hope to pick up a lot of kittens in the next few months and save them from a cruel life of living on the streets. Through the volunteers, they can be socialized and adopted out when young.

2)  Volunteer Support:  In addition to financial support, the Squad is in need of fosters for these kittens. We can provide supplies, if you supply the love and affection! Please contact Adam Gottlieb (agottlieb27@gmail.com) for more information.

Do You Live Near a Cat Colony?  The Cat Squad wants to hear from neighbors who live near “hot spots” with lots of feral cats.  The squad can trap in your front/back yard, with your explicit permission. Please send a direct message or email to esquenazishari@gmail.com if you are interested in having feral cats trapped on your property.

Thank you! Special thanks to all who have sent in donations to support the trapping/spay-neuter program. You’re making a difference!

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