New Ad Hoc ARC Study Committee Formed

I would like to share with you a situation that has existed in Old Braeswood for a long time, which we need to address. One third of our neighbors do not subscribe to the Patrol nor do they pay the annual POA dues.  Several mentioned conflicts with our Architectural Review Committee (ARC) in the past. In some cases, homeowners referred to decisions made 10-20 years ago and yet these owners still hold grudges against the ARC and OBPOA. We recognize there is a great need to understand and address reasons for these conflicts.

Recently, there was a disagreement concerning an ARC decision. Under new State law an appeal hearing was held by the  Executive Committee to resolve the matter. After the appeal, it became clear to the Executive Committee that there is a need again to study the reasons behind conflicts with the ARC and what improvements might be beneficial.  I have appointed and the Executive Committee has approved an Ad Hoc Committee chaired by Fred Steves*, with Alex Roberts** and Erica Hittner***, as members. They will communicate with our neighbors who have interacted with the ARC in the last 5 years to evaluate their experiences and to explore ideas for improvements. If you have suggestions to improve any Architectural Review process issue, please let us know.

The members of the Ad Hoc committee will try to reach you to get your input. Or you can  reach them at:
*     Fred Steves:,  713-703-9982
**   Alex Roberts:, 713-951-6261
***  Erica Hittner:, 281-813-0721 (resigned 1/11/22)

Best regards,
Samia Khalil, MD  
OBPOA President

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