Cat Squad

Old Braeswood Cat Squad – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Old Braeswood Cat Squad?

The OBCS is a network of volunteers who live in and around Old Braeswood who are working to control the feral cat population in our neighborhood which, in places, is quite large. First, we humanely trap the cats.  Then we transport them to a local veterinarian – All Cats on Stella Link – who spays/neuters them,
vaccinates them for rabies, and treats them for ear mites, worms, and fleas.  We monitor them for a few
days after their surgeries, then find them new families or release them back where they were trapped.

Why are the cats released back into the neighborhood?

If the trapped cats are young enough or have a good disposition, every effort is made to adopt them out into new forever homes. Feral cats, however, are returned to where they were trapped. Once fixed, they cannot further the colony’s population, and actively prevent new cats from moving in. By slowing the growth of the colony, the trapping we do becomes more effective on overall population control. Fixed cats have one of their ears notched (see below) so that they can be identified. This strategy is called trap-neuter-release, or TNR.

How effective has the OBCS been so far?

Since we started keeping track in July 2020, we have trapped and fixed 345 cats! Of those, 186 were
returned to their homes in the neighborhood, and 159 were adopted out. Anecdotally, many of our
neighbors have reported that the local cat colonies seem to be stabilizing, and that the noises of cats
fighting and mating aren’t nearly as prevalent as they used to be.

What are the costs for this program and how is it funded?

Catching the cats requires traps, bait, and towels. The cats’ checkups and procedures are discounted (half
off) via vouchers from HOPE, and range between $80-120 per cat after the discount. Aftercare involves
food, towels, kitty litter, bowls, etc. All of this is only possible due to our neighbors’ generous donations ofmoney and supplies. The Cat Squad never charges homeowners for TNR.

Sounds great! How can I help?

• Call All Cats at (713) 664-2287 and donate directly to the Old Braeswood Cat Squad account. The
name on file for the account is Shari Esquenazi.
• Donate supplies either through our Amazon Wish List or by purchasing locally (check with Squad
for current supply needs)
• Trap feral cats in your own yard for spaying/neutering
• Be a “Cat Taxi,” taking cats to and from the vet and our aftercare foster homes
• Volunteer to store traps and supplies for porch pick-up/drop-off
• Foster and socialize kittens and cats when appropriate, with supplies and medical care provided

Questions about joining or supporting the Old Braeswood Cat Squad? 
Contact Shari Esquenazi-Karonika at